N.Y. Comedy Intensive – Sept. 12-13th, 2020


  • Location – Venue To be Announced (in NYC).
  • Ideal for Screenwriters, TV Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors and Creative Executives
  • Cover story ideas, formats and approaches to different styles of comedy
  • Reveal and understand comedy from the inside out
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Whether you’re writing a comedy screenplay, working on a sitcom script, or producing or directing a comedy film or television series, Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive is a must for any serious professional. Find out why the top writers, producers and directors from companies such as ABC, Disney, BBC, Dreamworks, Aardman Animation, NBC, Touchstone Television and others regularly attend his famed class.

Course Overview:

The Comedy Intensive is a two-day course that explores the hidden tools and principles of comedy: what it is, how it works, why it works, what’s happening when it’s not working and what you can do to fix it, and offers proven and practical methods and techniques. On Day 1, we explore the Hidden Tools–useable, practical tools that you can apply immediately to your work. Day 2 focuses on character, structure, comic premise and specific ways of applying the tools to text.

The workshop covers includes interactive exercises, solo and group writing activities, as well as a liberal use of clips from current and classic comedies to illustrate our points and principles.

Where: Venue To Be Announced (in NYC)

When: September 12-13th, 2020 (Sat: 9:30 am to 5 pm/ Sun: 10 am to 5 pm)

Course Outline:

I. Premise


a) Introduction and Overview

b) Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

c) Comedy Perception Test – Are you seeing 20/20?

d) Funny vs. Comic – The difference

e) The Comedy Equation

II. Set-up


a) Winning

b) Non-Hero

c) Metaphorical Relationships

d) Positive (and Negative) Actions

e) Active Emotion

f) Straight Line/Wavy Line

g) Four Elements of Jokes

h) The Tools Applied

g) Learn how to use these essential tools in your work

III. Development


a) Entire History of Comedy…in 15 minutes.

b) Comedy Archetypes

c) Comic Premise—The Lie That Tells the Truth

d) Developing the Comic Premise

e) The Comedy Paradigm

IV. Payoff


a) The Comic Hero’s Journey

b) Art of Romantic Comedy

c) Sitcoms & Pilots

d) Final Q&A

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Sept 12-13th, 2020


Venue To Be Announced (in NYC).

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Please Also Note:

No taping or recording of the seminar is allowed.

A list of local restaurants will be made available at the event.

Lap tops permitted only if they do not disturb other students.

Please arrive one hour before the seminar to sign-in and get your materials.