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We’re Serious About Comedy!

Steve Kaplan has been one of the entertainment industry’s leading experts on comedy. He has taught his Comedy Intensive Workshop to thousands of students around the world. His credits include: 

  • Co-founder and Artistic Director of Manhattan Punch Line Theatre
  • Creator of the HBO Workspace
  • Creator of the HBO New Writers Program
  • Consultant and script doctor to Dreamworks, Disney, HBO, Paramount, Touchstone and others.
  • Highly sought-after instructor at UCLA, NYU, Yale, and other top universities.
  • Director in regional theaters and Off-Broadway

Steve has worked with hundreds of writers, producers and performers to hone their comedic talents. And, he’s influenced thousands more with his books, The Hidden Tools of Comedy and The Comic Hero’s Journey.

If you want to learn comedy, Steve can help.

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Take One Of Steve’s Workshops 6_SK_Comedy_Intensive_Logo

Steve teaches a number of different workshops all over the globe and now online over Zoom! The Comedy Intensive workshop covers the fundamental principles of comedy: what it is, how it works, why it works, what’s going on when it’s not working, and how you can fix it!

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Read The Hidden Tools Of Comedy:

The Serious Business Of Being Funny

While other books give you tips on how to “write funny,” this book offers a paradigm shift in understa12-0526 The Hidden Tools of Comedynding the mechanics and art of comedy, and the proven, practical tools that help writers translate that understanding into successful, commercial scripts. The Hidden Tools of Comedy unlocks the unique secrets and techniques of writing comedy. Steve Kaplan deconstructs sequences in popular films and TV that work and don’t work, and explains what tools were used (or should have been used).

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Watch Steve TV!10_Art_Of_RomCom

Over the years, Steve’s done hundreds of videos, podcasts, lectures, radio spots, and interviews that he’s collected and made available for FREE off this website. With a wide range of full lectures, short answers, and focused interviews, it’s a great way to start learning to tools and tips of Kaplan Comedy.

Browse through all the material and see what sparks your interest.

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