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Steve teaches a number of different workshops all over the globe. His main workshop, The Comedy Intensive, is a 2-day workshop that covers the fundamental principles of comedy: what it is, how it works, why it works, what’s going on when it’s not working, and what you can do about it!



Upcoming Intensives:

Oct 10-31, 2020 – The Comedy Intensive Online

Writing Comedy: ScriptMag Expert Series

Opportunities for comedy writers are exploding. In TV, cable networks and streaming services are seeking new ways to break out of the sitcom mold, while broadcast networks look to reinvigorate the multi-camera sitcom model. In film, comedy and drama are being blended in exciting new ways. Online video and web series offer relative unknowns an opportunity to prove their comedy writing chops and gain an audience in a do-it-yourself format.

But how do you write comedy that feels fresh and original to today’s audiences? What makes people laugh is ever-evolving, so staying on top of modern comedy trends is crucial to the successful comedy screenwriter. During this online panel, three experts will participate in a moderated discussion on the finer points of writing comedy. You will also be able to submit your own questions for the three panelists to answer.

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Creating the Killer Comic Premise

What makes a great comic premise? Why do some work, and some not? More than just a selling tool, or a “high concept” logline, a great comic premise is a useable, practical tool that can help lay the essential foundation for a successful screenplay.

In this unique virtual online workshop, we’ll explore principles of creating your on comic premise. The interactive workshop will include examples from classic and contemporary comedies, and tips on developing the initial idea, by focusing on character and theme, into a fully formed narrative.

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“I’ll Have What She’s Having”: The Art of Romantic Comedy

Romantic comedies are one of the most popular film genres, but also one of the hardest to pull off. For every “When Harry Met Sally” or “Annie Hall,” there’s dozens of films that end up disappointing, or worse. So what exactly makes some Romantic Comedies soar while others sink painfully out of sight?  Steve is the industry’s number one expert on comedy, and this webinar will help you avoid the mistakes that plague so many romcoms. You’ll learn how to create and develop a successful romantic comedy premise. Along with structure and characters of this genre, you’ll come away with the tools that will allow you to put the “comedy” in your Romantic Comedy.

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The Comedic Hero’s Journey: Structuring the Comedy Screenplay

We’ve all heard about the mythological work of Joseph Campbell, and Chris Vogler’s fine adaptation of those principles to screenplays in “The Writer’s Journey.” And we’ve seen examples of the Hero’s Journey in classic films from Casablanca to Star Wars to The Dark Knight.

The characters in a comic narrative journey down somewhat similar paths, but they take the trip in their own unique fashion, with several surprising detours. In this live webinar, we’ll cruise on down that road together, examining the Comic Hero’s Journey through films like Groundhog Day, 40 Year-Old Virgin, This Is The End and others. And by the end of our journey, you’ll be able to apply that comic paradigm to your own comic concepts.

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