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Happy Birthday, Andy Kaufman

Happy Birthday, Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman would have been 62 on Tuesday, January 17th. Never one to label himself a 'comedian,' Andy trail-blazed meta-comedy, almost daring his audience to get angry, or leave, as he read The Great Gatsby to them—in its entirety Andy was one of a kind. While...

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Interview- Part 1

  Being interviewed at the Chicago Comedy Intensive, November 2010 by Harald Dudel, editor of a German film magazine.

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Top Ten Comedy Movies

Sometimes at the end of one of my workshops or seminars, I’m asked, “What’s your favorite comedy?” I find that an almost impossible question to answer. How can I select just one? I love comedy, I love comedians, I love great writing—there are literally dozens I can...

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The Secrets to Writing a Successful Sitcom Spec

by Steve Kaplan You’re sitting in your living room, watching TV and thinking to yourself, “That’s not funny.  I can do better.” In fact you know you can do better.  In fact, you’ve got this great idea for this great new sitcom!  What is an aspiring sitcom writer to...

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Recommended Books

 Impro – by Keith Johnstone

Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy – by Greg Dean


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